Scenery Playing Cards Device in Delhi IndiaScenery Playing Cards Device in Delhi India

The future of gaming is on the web. Even now, flash games, social games, MMOs are a huge business, so that big web companies like Google and Facebook are preparing for a war that will be fought in the gaming field.  BigG (Google) is probably planning Google Me, a social network based on web games that will have the ambitious goal of undermining the hegemony of Facebook in the social web.

In short, the future is not in consoles, which in a few years will probably have no exclusive games. Even online gaming companies will increasingly develop multi-platform products. Also developers of online casinos  and gambling platforms hope that the future will be this way.

Games will be multi-platform, but also multi-device, so the same games BETSLOT88 
will run on our PC but also on our smartphones. Thanks to Flash technology, it is already possible. Gambling platforms developed by Playtech and Microgaming are indeed available as software to download, but also as browser games in Flash format, accessibile from almost any device.

However, these software houses had to deal with Apple, as iPhone and iPad do not support Flash. The company of Cupertino also adopted a strict policy against gambling online, and there are no apps to play at online casinos.

We are obviously talking about legal internet casino, supported by software houses and platforms which are well reviewed and described on many online gambling websites. In the next future we will be able to play casino games everywhere, as this fall tablets with Android operating system will be available in the market, but we will find also a brand new gadget: PlayStation Phone.

PlayStation Phone  will be an entertainment-oriented smartphone, which will support Flash and will run all the best video games. It will be available in October, it will be based on Android 3.0 Gingerbread and there will be a whole section of the Android Market with a wide selection of online games.

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